Certified Process Plant



Argencrops S.A. operates in its own processing plant, one of the most important in northern Argentina.

It is located in the town of Las Pampitas Perico in the province of Jujuy and certified in HACCP.
It guarantees the quality of the process in all its stages and, due to the excellent storage conditions, allows us to keep both the 'Natural de Campo' bean and the finished-processed bean in a perfect state of conservation and identification.
We identify all lots from the moment they enter the warehouse, during the whole process until they are shipped.
Once the beans are shipped, we can guarantee traceability from planting in the field to the final destination..



The process or conditioning of the bean begins with the feeding in the Natural de Campo pit.

The first machine used is a pre-cleaner, in charge of removing sticks, shallots and soil.
Subsequently, Stonner machines are used to separate the stones and large clods.
Immediately it goes to the sieving machine where the bean is 'calibrated' to obtain the different sizes. Normally, sieve-screens are used, with a mesh size between 4.50 - 5.00 and 5.50 mm.
It then passes to the Densimetric or Vibrating Table, to eliminate the smallest, broken, rotten and defective grains.
It follows the path through the Shining-Polishing machines that receive the clean and calibrated bean, achieving a product with a particular brightness and typical of the variety.Then by electronic machines, in general Monochromatic to discard the stained grains, both strong and light.
Finished product is bagged in 50 kg, 25 kg and 50 lb. polypropylene bags.